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    lundi 20 novembre 2006

    Vidéo PvP Hemo niv66

    Voila une vidéo qui a reçu un très bon accueil, et pour cause, elle donne envie ;-)
    This is the video I really wanted to make on my server Ner'Zhul, but with zero outdoor pvp, I stuck to just duels for my last video. Once I got ahold of my friend's BC account and character I jumped at the opportunity to make a video. I leveled to 66 for the video to get Cloak of Shadows and show off the true terror rogues are going to become in the expansion.

    The video is entirely BC content with no duels, all outdoor pvp and a few arena clips. It's got a bunch of outnumbered fights and gives a glimpse at the huge potential rogues are going to have.

    Here's the spec I used: although going back I would have dropped Improved Sap. With all the CC capped at 12 seconds I rarely use sap anymore. I definitly should have picked up Setup. The synergy between Setup and Enveloping Shadows/Heightened Senses/Cloak of Shadows is redonkulus.

    Overall the Burning Crusade is shapping up to be an amazing game. I had high expectations and what was delivered was far beyond that. Paladins have become gods, Druids are the new Warlocks, and Shamans are completely worthless.


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