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    vendredi 21 mars 2008

    FAQ Mutilate et glaives légendaires

    Même avec, 2 épées légendaires, une naine rogue, ça reste moche à faire peur ;-p

    Bon évidemment, les Warglaives, ça fait mal. Farz a fait une petite vidéo pour montrer le dps en raid :;9850251;/fileinfo.html

    Juste pour montrer le potentiel 'dps' des blades en PvE.
    Et puis pour tout les whisp quotidiens que je reçois 'lol tu dps a combien' 'tu tappes a combien'.

    Groupe classique : rogue x3 war fury cham enchancement. Pas de hunta survie/pal vindicte dans le raid.
    Boss poteau like, on voit bien le cycle 3s/5r.

    La vidéo fait 140mo, je sais pas pourquoi le streaming est dégueulasse (même sur Vimeo)

    Mephz a posté un très complet FAQ sur Estropier sur le fofo US. Extrait :
    14. [PVP/PVE] What should I gem?

    Yellow sockets: Either +8 crit or +4 crit / +8 AP
    Red sockets: +8 AGI or +16 AP.
    Blue sockets: +8 AP/+4crit -> +6stam (purple gems for red sockets if you want more stam)
    Meta: +12 crit rating / +5% snare+root resist. +12 agi & 3% crit damage bonus

    Yellow: 4hit/4agi
    Red: 8agi
    Blue: 4agi/6stam
    Meta: 12agi +3% crit damage

    14a. [PVP] What was this about 20% snare resist?

    With Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond meta gem (see above) and Surefooted enchant to boots (+10 hit & 5% snare/root resist), and Fleet Footed combined you have 20% chance to completely resist a snaring or root effect. This includes wing clip, hamstring, piercing howl, frost nova, entrapment, any of those.

    Quick note: FROST TRAP is not resistable, but the Entrapment proc is.

    14b. [PVP/PVE] Wait, so AGI or AP?

    If you are reasonably geared out in mostly season 3 gear, AGI gives you more for your money. More crit, AP, dodge, (armor), etc. While you will rarely have kings in arena, it brings more benefit to you as your gear improves. In other words, if you are above that 32%/1500 AP benchmark, start to ween yourself into using Agi gems to increase your crit and keep your AP high. The passive dodge will only help you in the long run too, as well as the minimal armor increase.

    AP gems are good when you're just hitting 70 and gearing up in season 1. This will get you to a decent AP level faster. As you can see with my gear I use mostly AP gems, because without them I'd be sitting at a pathetically low amount of AP, but my crit might be maybe 1% higher.

    Now in PVE, AGI is superior in every way, since it directly increases both your crit and AP, but most of all, you will have kings in raids, so the AGI scales with this buff. AP does not.

    15. [PVP/PVE] The Math

    "If I have 30% crit on each hand, that means I actually have 60% chance to crit! RIGHT!?"

    It works out more like this:

    If your target has no resilience, and you have 32% crit, each hand has 32% chance to crit individually. This means you have a ~54% chance for ONE hand to crit, at least. To figure this out you take the probability of each hand (32%), add them together (64%), and then subtract the multiplicant of the two 32% x 32% = ~10%, so 64% - 10% = ~54%. I shaved off decimal points but that is the general idea, I may be off by 1% at most.

    So after 2.4, with 32% base crit lets see what your odds are with Mutilate on a capped Resilience target.

    32% + 15% bonus from PW = 47% chance per hand to crit.
    Capped resilience target (-12%) = 35% chance per hand to crit.

    35% + 35% = 70% (sum)
    35% x 35% = 12% (multiplicant)

    70% - 12% = 58% <-- CHANCE FOR ONE HAND TO CRIT. 35% x 35% = 12% <-- CHANCE FOR BOTH HANDS TO CRIT. The rest would infer that neither hand crits.

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