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    samedi 12 mai 2007

    Arènes : tournoi, grades, saison 2...

    Voila des précisions (enfin !) en 2 posts :

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    Here is some additional information for everyone:

    Q. When does the next season start/When does this one end?
    A. We will be letting everyone know at least 2 weeks prior to the start of Season 2.

    Q. Is Season 2 starting at the same time as patch 2.1?
    A. No. It will be starting some time after patch 2.1 goes live and will not be going live at the same time as the patch.

    Q. Are current Arena items getting upgrades?
    A. Yes they are with the next patch (2.1)

    Rankings needed for Arena titles (Rankings are based by Battlegroup):

    % - .5%: Gladiator (and Armored Nether Drake sent in mail)

    .5% - 3%: Duelist

    3% - 10%: Rival

    10% - 35%: Challenger

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    Anonyme a dit…

    J'aimerai bien une vraie team... Juste pour avoir accès à l'un des titres. C'est classe ! :D